Friday, June 15, 2007

From the Family

Richard has been riding now for 6 days, and is over a third of the way finished. Lily and I (Rachel) are very proud of his accomplishment so far and wait each day to find out the news of the day. We have been sending him various notes of encouragement along the way - one for every stop. Lily draws him pictures and we mail them to each hotel.

Lily recently won an award for practicing the cello 75 days in a row (no small feat for me, the parent in charge of that goal...) and we put a sticker on her chart for each day finished. We decided that we should make a chart for Richard's ride also, to help him along. Lily has been choosing a sticker for each day accomplished, along with some words of encouragement, and we fax it to his destination each day. It's turned out to be something she looks forward to every day after breakfast, and seems to ease the fact that her dad is away for so long. While she is young, and doesn't really understand to the full extent what an incredible thing her daddy is doing, she is very proud of him and has been telling all her friends about his ride.

Richard and I would like to thank all of you who have been sending your own words of encouragement. I read them to Richard every night when we update the blog, and he is very touched that you have taken the time to reach him. It is something he looks forward to every day - and I believe- helps make his goal easier to achieve.