Friday, June 8, 2007

About shaving one's legs

This is a pretty silly topic, but I thought I'd say a word about it because when I wear shorts to rehearsal, some of my colleagues in the Cleveland Orchestra ask about my shaved legs. Yes it's true folks, during riding season I do shave my legs; arms too. Phew! I'm sure glad I'm comfortable enough with my masculinity to publicly admit it.

Now why would I shave my legs for crying out loud?! Do I think it makes me go faster? Of course not. I bet over the course of a 200 mile ride it wouldn't even affect my time by a second. I do it for two reasons. The first is that supposedly, if you crash and get road rash all over your arms and legs, you heal much quicker without all the hair. Knock on wood, I haven't crashed since I began shaving so I wouldn't know about this for sure. But for me, reason number two is hugely important. I'm blond and very fair complected. I can't be in the sun without globs of sunscreen on any exposed skin. Obviously on the bike, most of the exposed skin is arms and legs. Now I'm a pretty hairy guy. When I apply the sunscreen to all that hair--yech, what a mess! When I'm shaved and apply the sunscreen to nice smooth skin, it soaks right in and I'm on my way out the door for another good time out on the bike.

Silly I know, but for whatever that might be worth.........