Friday, February 16, 2007

Winter Training

For this winter and last, my winter training has been based to a large degree on a program from an e-book I purchased at entitled Winter Training for Roadies. I've been fairly pleased with how things have gone so far this winter. While the Orchestra was in Miami for two weeks in January, I managed to get in about 600 miles. One of those rides was a century I did riding laps on Key Biscayne, in 5:28, averaging 18.7 mph. No great feat considering how flat it is with the only climbing being up and over Rickenbacker Causeway twice per loop. But it caused me to feel confident I had a good foundation on which to keep building.

Since returning home from Miami, Cleveland has had a ton of snow and temperatures in the single digits much of the time. So its been back to the trainer and the weights, with a dose of skate skiing at Chapin Forest thrown in for variety. I was originally hoping to be off the trainer for good and out on the road by March 1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.