Monday, May 14, 2007

April Traing Summary

Although the weather here in Cleveland the first two weeks of April more or less stunk, I did get in a total of 1244.7 miles for the month. The last two weeks of April I rode 442 and 457 miles respectively. Most importantly, I got in several back to back long days in the saddle. Those kinds of rides are supposed to help the most for the Elite Tour. So now since March 1st when I reset my bike odometer, I've ridde 2172.2 miles. Again, I've been mixing the long steady distance rides with some days dedicated to hill repeats to help improve my climbing: and I've been out hammering on some spirited group rides to help improve my speed. Not a lot of exciting news to report. I'm simply following the training guidelines of those with vast more experince than I have. The weather here lately has been wonderful. I'm so thankful that my wife Rachel has been so supportive during all this training as I'm spending a lot of hours away from home. And I'm feeling stronger and stronger on the bike every week. Cheers for now.